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Need more influence and better persuasion skills?


Can you hold a good argument and want even better results?


Based on over 20 years of experience and training, excee.de offers you the keys to improving your influence skills, unlocking the pathway to persuasiveness.



Know what you want to achieve, before you engage



Use the correct triggers



Monitor the reaction and tune your approach





One gold nugget is enough.

Have you ever felt that you can present a good argument, but somehow your message doesn't get through?

Ever wanted to be able to present your message without banging on the desk?

Needed to get your message across subtly, almost under the radar?


That's where I started from, that was my experience too.

From my first clumsy attempts to get myself "heard" in group or business environments, through to today where every word is finely honed, every nuance considered and polished, I'll tell you how I do it


* the low level components of influence and persuasion

* understanding your counterpart

* keying in to the other person's preferred style

* "moving the playground" to your chosen arena

* attracting attention and the importance of doing so

* networking for influence

* body language, facial gestures : uses and abuses and what's really key to know and do

* are you influential or a manipulative s.o.b.

* Knowing when to make an intervention and whether a deft touch is needed or escalation

* have a persuasive style, or be flexible

* overt or covert

* indirect influence - the hear it three times rule

* linking outcomes to feelings, altering emotions to suit your favoured outcome

* when it goes wrong, how to retrieve the situation or create a new chance

* interrupt their patterns to position yours


I'll give you the experience of hundreds of hours of training and thousand of hours of experience in meetings and groups all over the world.

Profit from my mistakes, learn how I got to grips with diverse cultural and business norms in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. Find out that face culture is not just an Asian phenomenon, discover which European country is described as being most like Africa by African colleagues who experienced the local behaviours..


You'll hear about when hyped approaches like NLP work and don't, what hypnosis adds to your toolbox, how logic is trumped by emotion, and why persuasive influence is the key to advancing in business, in your personal life and your private life.


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